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106" diagonal 16:9 electric screen

The EGA series screens offer a simple yet elegant design, with functionality the highest priority.

EGA screens utilize a single aluminium alloy construction, greatly increasing structural integrity making the screen sturdier and providing smoother operation.

Innovative and simple installation makes these screens suitable for most types of environments.

ISF certified for their superb colour reproduction


106" diagonal 16:9 electric screen
Aluminium case with in-site internal I/R
Wall or ceiling easy mounting options
Tubular motor

Fiberglass matte white fabric

A high quality durable long lasting screen material comprised of four layers and incorporates top grade fiberglass as its main support layer. It features high resistance to temperature, fire, moisture, deformation and stretching. The overall material is also mildew resistant and free from curving. The outer surface is infused with PVC microdots that help produce and reflect the best possible images with a wide and uniform 160 degree viewing angle.

The fabric is certified by the world renowned Image Science Foundation for its superb performance.

Aluminium frame

Aluminium frame

Built from a single extruded aluminium alloy construction, The rigid, sturdy design greatly increases the structural integrity which in turn makes the screen sturdier and provides smoother operation.

A sturdy design keeps the internal roller perfectly straight and greatly reduces any motor noise to a minimum.

Electric Motorised

Automatically raise and lower your projector screen at the touch of a button. Incorporating a built in tubular motor ensures quiet, smooth and stable operation hands free operation. It also has built in overheating protection.

Screen drop adjustment

Ensure your screen always drops to the correct height. Easily set the drop of your screen to the desired position using the included limit adjustment tool.

Integrated control system

The integrated control system includes an in-line switch, built-in remote control, 12v trigger, RS232 and an external infrared (IR) receiver. This all-in-one integrated system guarantees a screen that is suitable for the most demanding applications.

Easy installation

Supplied with two small L-shaped brackets which can be placed anywhere along the length of the case. Perfect for stud walls. It also allows for horizontal adjustment which means you can shift the screen left and right.

The brackets also have screw adjustments to help level the screen.

Easy installation - Suspended mounts

Supplied with two hanging brackets you can easily suspend the screen from the ceiling.

Easy installation - Suspended mounts
ISF certified screen material

ISF certified screen material

ISF certified to provide top-tier performance which provides you with accurate* colour and contrast. This means the screen material will maintain the same RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color balance that comes from the projector with minimal distortion. Allowing you to enjoy your movies just as the director intended.

*For best results, your projector will need to be ISF calibrated to enjoy the most accurate colour reproduction based on your environment.

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